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Advantage function

Save a lot of labor, time costs, easy to upgrade monthly volume and player safety control.

Offer automatic distribution
The system automatically reviews and distributes Save a lot of labor costs
Popular competition ranking mechanism
Enhance customer brand loyalty Easily increase the monthly volume of betting
Player risk control mechanism
Instant master player information The opportunity to mention the highest risk to a minimum
Player management

View player details, capital records, level settings

Player list
View or edit player details, status
Funding records
View the player all funds conversion records
Hierarchical management
Flexible and free to adjust the player level
Return system
Clear water return system
Agent management

View proxy information, level settings, proxy exclusive domain name

Agent list
View or edit agent details, status
Hierarchical management
Set different levels of pumping / raking ratio
Change the proxy
Flexible and free to adjust the player's own agency
Independent domain name
Agent promotion more convenient
Financial Management

Record each deposit, with audit function, support three parties

Audit function
With the exception of three deposits with the audit function to ensure the safety of funds
Historical inquiry
Clearly record the player's history of each deposit
Three parties pay
Support a number of tripartite payment, the player deposit speed automatically credited
Operating statements

Real-time update the report, always grasp the company's winning or losing status

Report Center
Real-time updates the report, always grasp the company lose state
Lose / Win report
Multi-dimensional display site operating data
Agent report
Master agent input data
Active report
Players active data to facilitate the management of promotions
Team management

Can be free to increase or decrease the background account, independently modify permissions

Account management
View or edit account, free background account changes
Departmental system
Backstage department system, efficient management operations team
Permission settings
Independently modify permissions to ensure the confidentiality of information